So... Kindles let you "share" on two networks: Twitter and Facebook. Both, in my estimation, suck donkey scrotum... but at least my twitter feed isn't full of those of my highschool compatriots that haven't been locked up or shot.

As such, I now have a twitter feed where I can put quotes from books. So far, it's a failure. However, I now have a twitter.

I've decided that if I'm going to "follow" things on Twitter, I will follow things that emphasize the geopolitical breakdown of the world. And I'm soliciting suggestions.

So far I've got rupertmurdoch and!/HSMPress (Al shabaab in Somalia). "list of despots with a twitter feed" does not produce any statistically significant results. What you got?

caio: Not sure if this is real, but I think I found the People's Mujahedin of Iran twitter account.

posted by kleinbl00: 2634 days ago