We call it a few different things. The backlog. The stack of shame. Maybe you don't have a name for it, and you simply watch it grow while feeling guilty about your buying habits.

    Many of us have experienced the odd sensation of seeing our time grow scarcer than our ability to purchase new games.

    A recent infographic supports this feeling with hard data: 1,400 players were asked about their buying habits, and 40 percent of their games purchased in the past year have gone unplayed. The average person in this sample only purchases 20 percent of their games at full price. This hobby is filled with people who enjoy a bargain, and we'll take part in it even if we can't get to the content in a reasonable amount of time.

    So should we be ashamed? Do we need better strategies when it comes to dealing with our backlog? Is it time to get our spending under control and try to play the games we own? Of course not. The system is working just fine, thank you, and it's time to stop pretending otherwise.

posted by forwardslash: 1960 days ago