THE DOCTOR OPENS the door to Exam Room 2. Perched on the table is an 18-year-old male, flanked by nervous-looking parents. He wears shorts and a T-shirt and has a mop of tussled strawberry blond hair. He was once a phenom, albeit a local one. At 14, his fastballs went 80 miles an hour. Then one day, during a practice session just before the start of his freshman season in high school, he felt a "bad twinge," "just kind of a pop," and he hasn't taken the mound since. Now, he tells the doctor, he wants to try out for the baseball team at the college he'll attend in the fall, his goal a scholarship and then who knows. So he has traveled here with his parents, to the clinic of the celebrated orthopedist, to see if the doctor can heal whatever it is that ails that doubtful right shoulder -- to see if the doctor can save his dream, which is why they all come to see Dr. James Andrews. "I don't want to let it go," the boy says.

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