First blog on Hong Kong. Expect more to come, it was an amazing trip.

Question of today, what's your footprint? What space do you occupy, and what space do you need?


Hella more than that, yo. My deck is 8x12 and it's claustrophobic. One damn hammock and there's barely room for conversation, let alone conversation herbs and spices.

Now obviously - thee's "need" and need. I lived an entire summer in the 6x8 space above the bathroom of a Quanset hut. Shower at the docks. Eat at the grocery store. But holy fuck when you escape that it's like a cork out of a champagne bottle. I bought a desk that was 4x6 and then another 3x5 just for good measure.

We own the Not So Big trilogy. I'm a firm believer in scale. I recognize that most cultures on earth shun the wastefulness with which Americans put roofs over emptiness. But hot damn - buddy of mine shared a 6,000 ft loft with three other guys for a few years and I gotta tell ya, hopping on the skateboard to cut down on the transit time to the bathroom is its own specail form of intoxication.

How much space do I need? MOAR.

posted by veen: 1852 days ago