Thanks for everyone who submitted content over the past couple weeks.

We went through everything - the comment section of the original post, the amazing individual lists by NotPhil - link, thenewgreen - link, insomniasexx - link, and flagamuffin - link, and in the voting threads.

I feel the final list is a pretty comprehensive look at Hubski in 2013. It shows the diversity of the content and the depth of users' comments. It's pretty sweet.

Feel free to share with your family, friends, acquaintances, and non-Hubski members who you feel would appreciate this awesome content by our awesome community.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and thanks again!


dear generous people who spent so much time assembling this list:

would it be asenine for me to request more of your time? it's just that i'm trying to access "the long pragmatic debate between NotPhil and wasoxygen," and it's taking me to the (wonderful) advancedapes post on the global brain. i've tried searching elsewise, but am inept at such cleverness.

much gratitude, either way, cW

posted by BestOfHubski2013: 2061 days ago