I've felt this my entire life. Except it's a bit different. It's not just wanting to see what's out there. But actually going there.

I've become increasingly bored with "real" life and the world we find ourselves in. And the only way out is through video games. Which provide endless new worlds.

Perhaps it's because I've never been out of the country (US) and hardly out of my state (California), but I constantly feel like I'm in the wrong place and time. And video games just prove that to me. I still yearn to travel to other countries, and the one that piques my interest primarily is Japan. Though, there's plenty of other countries that do so. I actually have a trip planned to Paris for 12 years into the future (long story).

But I feel that no matter how much I travel, that I'll never feel "at home" as I do with fictional worlds.

I've started to take a liking to virtual life sims, and other such games. Stuff like Rune Factory (my latest addiction) and as you mentioned in the article, Minecraft (though I've grown bored of that game after a couple years).

Live a Live is a key title that not many know about. It essentially lets you play as 8(?) different people, all spread throughout the world and times. You can be a cowboy, a monk, a robot, a caveman, etc, and just live their lives. It's an interesting game, and certainly fulfills the wanderlust you describe. I'd suggest checking it out. It's only in Japanese, but there's a fan-translation patch for it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_A_Live

And yea, when I was younger, I devoured fantasy novels. I think I read through the harry potter series in a week or so. And read hundreds of other books.

I'm eagerly awaiting my graduation so I can cut my last connection to where I live and finally be free to travel. I'm pretty excited for it.

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