Well. Thanks for an interesting dive down Wikipedia.

Last World's Fair I could remember of merit was Expo '86; probably because it was the last one anywhere near anything close (and I saw Front Line Assembly play in a forum built for it in '97). I thought we were done with that. Turns out, anything but - it's just that it hasn't been anywhere near the US since, well, '86. And why the hell not? Oh, right, George W Bush:

    This bad impression, a drive to save taxpayer money and increasing nationalism in America resulted in then-Secretary of State Colin Powell withdrawing the United States from the body governing World's Fairs, the Bureau of International Expositions, in 2001.

Kinda funny. Some stuff is right on. Some stuff is left field. Kind of Asimov in general - he got psychology but the engineering stuff was kind of over his head a lot of the time. Even he didn't predict that we'd stop wondering.

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