So our Internet censorship started a few years ago with a very limited purpose and good intentions. And it was solemnly promised that nothing else than child pornography would be censored.

But once the infrastructure for censorship was in place, the censorship started spreading to other areas. And the censorship is getting more and more widespread.

mk: I had no idea that Denmark did this.

I think this comment was spot-on:

If SOPA were in place when wikileaks released the material from the US government last year, do you really believe that their domain wouldn't have been obliterated?

Which is a very serious thing to consider. SOPA lays the foundation for government control of information. Not happy with what is being said on a website? Shut it down. Even if the government is legally in the wrong, the mechanism exists, and while the response works its way through the courts, censorship is in effect. So even unjust control would be effective. Obama currently has very little chance of getting my vote in 2012, but his signing of this would be the nail in the coffin.

Is there a pledge not to vote for Obama if he signs SOPA? It might be a worthwhile strategy in this election year.

posted by eb: 2577 days ago