Under what Paul Carr has diagnosed as the rules of the Cult of Disruption, GoldieBlox neither sought nor received permission to create these videos: it never licensed the music it used from the artists who wrote it. That wouldn’t be the Silicon Valley way. First you make your own rules — and then, if anybody tries to slap you down, you don’t apologize, you fight. For your right. To parody.


Timely post, the viral video for Goldie Blox was sent to me yesterday by my sister. She donated money on behalf of my daughter and apparently we will be getting one in the mail. I watched the video and found myself caught up in the message. It's well done. However, you fuck with the memory and last wishes of MCA and well... fuck off.

Not sure if you followed the links being added at the end of the article, but her blog on her trip to India is pretty horrid.

posted by kleinbl00: 1875 days ago