T-Dog, fuffle, jonaswildman, ecib, bgood79, mrjasonetaylor,

I have recorded some percussion and drums for this song. I'm not a drummer, but this is what I came up with. It's not that tight and I'll rerecord it, but only if you guys think drums work in this song.

Let me know.

Also, anyone want to add more to this one? I hear some organ/string potential and maybe even some synth. Also, electric guitar in the drum-kit parts.


Also, I plan on putting up a new, more straight forward track soon for us to fool around with. That said, if any of you have something for the rest of us to work on, feel free to post it.


I've drummed for a while and the chosen drum rhythm is good, but it sounds like you're just too late, especially at 0:53. The drums seem to be following the rest a bit too much. Not that I could do better, but I do hear it.

posted by thenewgreen: 1850 days ago