The president's speechwriter Horace Busby and Judge Homer Thornberry arrived. Johnson explained that he’d ordered the Secret Service to protect House Speaker John McCormack because he was worried about a government-wide coup. That afternoon the Soviets had made a show of good faith by turning over a complete dossier on Lee Harvey Oswald’s activities during his years in Moscow. Johnson was relieved but not settled. “Maybe they’re out to get us all,” he said. He was going to keep the armed services on alert. He wasn’t sure the assassination was the work of just one man. He worried about conspiracy theories, too. He talked about how Lincoln’s assassination still had unanswered questions: “… Damn sure that kind of mystery doesn’t happen here. I’m going to make sure there isn’t one damn question or one damn mystery that isn’t solved about this thing. You can be sure of that … not one damn unanswered question.”


flagamuffin, b_b and insomniasexx -- I found this made a nice accompaniment to the What Happened on the Flight From Dallas piece that insom submitted a while back. Enjoy.

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