Since people started sharing their TinCan usernames, I decided to create a post for usernames that can be saved and referenced.

If you'd like to have your name, and possibly your general location added, let me know in the comments.

TinCan users on Hubski

mk: mk_844da, Detroit metro area

wildcard: wildcard_aac82, Ottawa and Toronto

BLOB_CASTLE: BLOB_CASTLE_db999, Chicago (West)

Cortez: Cortez_ef593

veen: veen_4c27d, Netherlands.

doesntgolf: doesntgolf_3477a, St. Paul/Minneapolis

demure: demure_7385b, NH and San Francisco

crimsonlight: crimsonlight_4ef2e, France (Southern)

notbillgates: notbillgates_9a2f4, Long Beach, CA and Calgary, AB

Ian3334444: High-five_e3e4a, Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA

dead5: reiji_0615e, Kolkata, India

I can already tell we need to modify the subscriber list.


doesntgolf_3477a here, checking in from the Twin Cities.

posted by mk: 1896 days ago