I have a friend who works at the Marshall District Library in Marshall, MI. The librarians there recently discovered a bunch of old letters from authors and other celebrities that were sent to the library in 1978 where the authors were asked what their favorite books were. Today she got around to posting them online and there are some really great treats in here from some great people including:

The Carpenters

Barbara Walters

Bob Newhart

Dick Cavett

Isaac Asimov

Hunter S. Thompson

Maurice Sendak

Neil Armstrong

They would like some requests for their 2014 program which will do the same thing so feel free to suggest some on the site!


I love this. I went to Marshall on a fluke a few years back and fell head over heels with the place. Now - whenever I'm nearby, I stop in. This gives me another reason to stop :-) Thanks for sharing!

posted by mknod: 1956 days ago