thenewgreen: This sparked a pretty heated debate around our dinner table tonight. I thought that there would be general uniformity in thinking it was a ridiculous idea. Nope. I think your title is appropriate. I would wager that for every 1 real "accusation", there will be 10 false and malicious ones.

How psychologically traumatizing will it be for someone that isn't suicidal to receive the Facebook "someone's concerned about you" message? What happens when several "asshole" kids do this to the same person? Next thing you know, they've got the scarlet letter "S" on them. Nice FB.

My wife thinks that it has no potential for harm and because it's the prime source of socialization for kids, it is ideally positioned to help.

It was an interesting dinner. Time will tell who was right. I hope she was, but I doubt it. -Kids are cruel.

posted by kleinbl00: 2595 days ago