Is there ever any 'consolidation' of tags? For example, I see tags for Chevy, Ford, Nissan - could there be an #automotive tag, one that if you are following will also show posts for those OEMs, plus BMW, Audi, Fiat, and so on? Or maybe those old posts would have to be re-tagged with the new umbrella tag..

Seemingly, that would need to be done manually, for now, maybe once per month.

I've also seen a fair number of posts about drinks or alcohol, but no similar tag to follow. I assume that just tagging with a new tag will create it. May I try?


I sometimes go in and add a third community tag to posts that are similar. Like #hubskigathering

I know #cocktails is fairly common for drinks

I think community tags get unlocked once you fill up your hubwheel once.

posted by q-: 1912 days ago