It's a frigid first day of fall.

The cold that soaks your bones,

jingles your joints in time to be

reminded, it's that time again.


Time for pumpkin everything,

for plucking feathers and rustling leaves, adding layers

while trying to keep the weight off

through a time of indulging in our own thanks.

Lathering our teeth with licorice and sweets,

making our little monsters wear masks during the day

for fear of what will get them at night

because parents and community are too tired or busy to be their light.


Time for gift exchanges and carolling.

Although, I don't know that kids still carol.

Christians cloaked in Christ's comforting churches certainly

will resound the repetitious sound of the season.

Stations will mock you with jolly joy jukeboxing

while winter weather will whip you round and down the winding roads.

Black ice will attribute a slide to your ride while you close your eyes

thinking "slide me home safe, like skid knees in a baseball game."

Time of reminding ourselves that summer is too short

and that warmth we wished away, should come back today.


But first a New Year must bestow our calendar.

One more time to remind ourselves what we have not completed

and to put shallow value on the little things,

trying to prove purpose to your life and meaning...

even if it's only for a time,

even if it's only in your mind,

we feel the weight of change around us

through these play dates that we've installed.

Yes, it is a frigid day, as autumn was suddenly evoked.

posted by Becoming_Betty: 1914 days ago