I was looking at the URL for my Hubski feed, which is:


And I noticed that if I swap my username with another Hubski user, the feed changes and includes tags/people I'm not following, so I'm assuming I can see what other user's feed look like if I just swap their IDs into the feed URL.

I don't really have anything against it, just thought it was interesting. Has this been brought up before? Is this a conscious decision in Hubski's design?


Sure, why not? I have been kicking around the idea of being able to hit "random" and have it give you a random users feed. But I like the idea of having a "random" button that gives you a random selection of posts from any time/tag on Hubski. I'd actually use that.

But anyways, we do know that this exists and feel free to check other peoples feeds out.

Here's mine: http://hubski.com/feed?id=thenewgreen

posted by Descartes: 2076 days ago