Okay, so this isn't anything really intellectual or interesting but something odd just happened to me and none of my friends are online to share it with.

I just finished preparing my lunch for work tomorrow and went to leave a note on it indicating so because it wasn't obviously mine. I wrote my name on a tear of paper and put it on the container in the fridge, but it looked a little precarious.

So I take the note and go and get some sticky-tape to attach it and as I get back to the fridge I look at the paper and there's nothing written on it. There's the indentation from the pen on the paper but no actual markings. I definitely wrote the note because I remember looking at it and thinking about how I'd left the "s" overly spaced in "Jez's". This has left me quite confused. Does anyone have an idea about what could've happened?


There were two pieces of paper stuck together that you didn't notice when you tore it. When you walked away the top paper flew off somewhere. The bottom piece remained.

posted by rezzeJ: 2110 days ago