Until recently, civilization was humming along just fine without this costly convenience—and going back might not be as impossible as we think.


    “We are probably overcooling our office buildings by 4 to 6 [degrees] F just so that office workers, particularly the males, can wear their business suits,” wrote Richard de Dear, who is head of architectural design science at the University of Sydney and a researcher on thermal comfort.

Oh man, I know this too well. In general though, men's and women's clothes really are very different. Aside from the obvious, women's clothes tend to be made of thinner materials designed less for heat retention than for style or softness. I worked in an office where most of the women wear skirts and open toed shoes and most of the men wear long sleeves, slacks and ties, disputes over the air conditioning were a common issue.

In my own space, I try not to use air conditioning. Changing the filters is kind of a pain and I don't like sleeping in cooled air pulled through dirty filters. Also, I'm really thrifty.

posted by NotPhil: 2021 days ago