"Old questions, but good ones. Rocks are not proud, stars are not nervous. Look further than my bird and you see a universe of rocks and gas, ice and vacuum. A multiverse, perhaps, of bewildering possibility. From the spatially average vantage point in our little cosmos you would barely, with human eyes alone, be able to see anything at all; perhaps only the grey smudge of a distant galaxy in a void of black ink. Most of what is is hardly there, let alone proud, strutting, cock-of-the-chimney-top on an unseasonably cold Cornish evening."


Consciousness isn't separable from man. That's the philosophical point that most people studying the functional nature of the brain don't understand. A brain is no more conscious than a lump of matter. I wrote a blog on this topic once upon a time, but unfortunately, it was time consuming and no one really read it, so it has been removed. Suffice it to say I think the Blue Brain project is a billion dollar joke.

posted by insomniasexx: 1896 days ago