I got 6 out of 11.



The thing I don't like about this, as was also vocalized in the comments, is that they frame these paintings as "Modern art", in which in reality these are a only a subsection of Abstract Expressionism which embodies the ideological framework for returning to the deeply native, unrestricted forms of expression. So what you get is artwork akin to artwork done by a toddler, and that was on purpose.

As well, this only accomplishes to only further develop the public's ignorance on contemporary art by giving it a blanket description of "Modern Art". Thus, it may stipulate confirmation bias to those who reject "Modern art" (when they are really referring to specific types of Contemporary art) and it may prevent them from supporting the arts, seeking out the arts, cutting funding, or making statements such as "My kid could paint that."

posted by organicAnt: 2052 days ago