I am interested in movies from around the world and want to increase breadth of my knowledge of world film.

As an Indian, these are the films I recommend, one from each decade, starting from the 50s (I cheated. Once.):

1. Pyaasa (1957)

From imdb A talented but indigent poet Vijay struggles for love and recognition in this selfish world.

2. Mughal-e-Azam (1960)

From imdb Inspired by true events, a 16th century prince falls in love with a court dancer and battles with his emperor father.

3. Anand (1971):

From imdb The classic story of a terminally ill man who wishes to live life to the full before the inevitable occurs, as told by his best friend.

4. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (1983)

From imdb Two friends, attempting to start-up their own photo studio, come across shady dealings, corruption and murder, and must fight to bring the guilty to light.

5. Roja (1992)

From imdb Roja lives in a Tamil village, and her sister is about to marry a man from the city, who decides to marry Roja instead and gets a job assignment in Kashmir, where some militants decide to kidnap them.

6. Dil Chahta Hai (2001)and Lagaan (2001)

Both Aamir Khan starrers from 2001,

From imdb:

Dil Chahta Hai The film is about three distinct characters, Akash (Aamir Khan), Sameer (Saif Ali Khan) and Siddharth (Akshaye Khanna), their individual relationships and the effect that these relationships have on them.

Lagaan The people of a small village in Victorian India stake their future on a game of cricket against their ruthless British rulers.

7. Gangs of Wasseypur, Parts 1and 2 From imdb A clash between Sultan (a Qureishi dacoit chief) and Shahid Khan (a Pathan who impersonates him) leads to the expulsion of Khan from Wasseypur, and ignites a deadly blood feud spanning three generations.

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