Part 4: "The Part About the Crimes"

In this section, the reader is immersed in a facet of Santa Teresa, far removed from the aspect revealed to the academics in part 1. The reader is shown Santa Teresa from the perspective of the weary residents, who are the maquiladora workers, cops and prisoners, including Klaus Reiter. Most of all, the reader is exposed to the waves of murders over the years; not the acts themselves, but the aftermaths in a series of descriptions of causes of death, states of decomposition, personal effects, brief facts on known associates and faceless identity.

It is all painted in a very flat way that leaves little room for sensitivity or connection to the murdered women. I suppose that quality exists in the world we inhabit too. Through the wall of murders, the everyday of Santa Teresa plods on, just as the world keeps moving even though those in the obituaries have been removed from it.

I'll offer up no questions this time around, since those that are participating seem to know what they want to say.

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So I can't even promise that I'll get to the end of this by tomorrow night, but I will fucking read it eventually. Probably in the next five days.

This weekend got weird fast.

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