In early August, 33-year-old Phoenix Feeley began a 16-day jail sentence in New Jersey for refusing to pay fines from 2008 when she was arrested for sunbathing topless at a Spring Lake beach. She spent nine days on a hunger strike before being released early from Monmouth County Jail on August 14.

Do you feel that women should be allowed topless in public? And/or that current laws serve to objectify women by placing emphasis on breasts and restricting them from the public, while allowing males to expose theirs in public?


Simple answer as far as I'm concerned. Yes, they should be allowed. I think it's odd when I see anyone in social situations without a shirt on unless they're swimming or exercising, but if a guy can do it, why shouldn't a woman be allowed to?

Plus, who doesn't like seeing breasts?

posted by ButterflyEffect: 2037 days ago