This is really inspiring.

I always had those notebooks when I was a kid. My brother and I would spend hours and hours on my family's boat drawing huge monster machines because our Gameboys and Walkman weren't allowed. We had machines to kill monsters, to create monsters, but obstacle courses to escape and challenge and train the monsters. Intricate details like shredding the monsters into bits or puncturing them like swiss cheese with 90s video game inspired falling spikes. We placed those spikes on large iron plates and that would fall on the monsters. But the monsters were "too smart" so we had to set traps for them and trick them through a maze in order to get them into these traps.

I think stories are the most important thing to our daily lives and the progression of our future. He is absolutely right when he says the technology isn't enough. It has to be shown off it a way that your audience knows exactly what they are looking at and why it matters. (sidenote: I think NASA would benefit greatly from a stellar marketing / storytelling plan)

With the amount of information and technology we have access to on a daily basis, storytelling is only going to become a more important part of successfully marketing as well at the creation of the ideas. You see it a lot on Kickstarter - those projects that take you on a fantastic journey are the ones that raise the most funds. The products that take the creation of the product to the next level and show you how it would integrate into your daily life.

This video even takes that to a whole new level. He uses storytelling to to not just compel consumers to fund or purchase the product. He is showing that fiction and art should be a key step in the creation and realization of the idea. It's not just inspiration. It's not just marketing. It's shaping the idea and using that process in tandem with technology to create something revolutionary.

What makes designers such a great group of people to be tasked with creating the impossible? Because they aren't limited like technology or engineers by capabilities. They don't care about money or funds or sourcing or circuits. They imagine and then create the idea in their head and their only limited by speed in which they can think and imagine. The lack of limitations is key to coming up with and idea and working through a process to make that idea fully realized. The second people are limited or simultaneously worried about whether or not their idea can become a reality is the second the creative process is stifled and revolutionary ideas are just plain old ideas.

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