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    Here’s the thing — and this confused me for a long time — premium mediocrity is not a consumption aesthetic, but a financial hack powering a deliberately crafted illusion that is being strategically crafted for a purpose.

There's a term for this in sociology/economics: privatized Keynesianism. The idea is that one of the reasons that debt levels are so high is that people are trying to maintain what a "middle class life" looked like (or should feel like) via debt.

    The essence of premium mediocrity is being optimistically prepared for success by at least being in the right place at the right time, at least for a little while, even if you have no idea how to make anything happen during your window of opportunity.

This hit a little close to home.

Saw this awesome comment the other day:

    A kid asks her dad;, "Hey Dad, can I borrow $20 in Bitcoin?"

    The dad replies, "$18.23, what do you need $22.74 for?"

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