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    As the article mentions, it affects more than just the Boy Scouts.

Here is the thing that nobody really talk about; The culture these things create.

If there is ever a question, the kid's words are taken at face value with no doubt. Then self preservation kicks in and you as the adult are screwed; they will sacrifice you to save face and there is nothing you can do about it and zero legal recourse. One mom who was off her mood drugs making an accusation and your career is over. (An online friend of mine had this happen to him, he was 100% innocent of all the accusations and even home with his wife when one the 'incidents' took place. He fucked-the-hell-out of teaching to build houses)

Men are warning other men to not go into teaching and it is hurting our kids and our society. Then you get articles like this one trying to get more men into teaching and child care

And then you get shit like this

    He told the newspaper: "I would certainly advocate that no man qualify as a teacher. It is just not worth it. What is the lesson here? There is nothing to protect the male teacher."

The kids who need these services? The kids who desperately need a Big Brother/Big Sister style service? Nobody gives a fuck. They (the kids) don't vote, they don't write checks and maybe once a year or so there will be a one hour conversation in the media when some of these kids are murdered. You then get the same people with stern looks and somber tones who start asking why these kids are dead only to get distracted by celebrity bullshit before the end of the news cycle. The consequences will barely be facebook "Share for a prayer" nonsense until we all change our filters to the flag of the next country that has a terror attack. The Big Brother program out here is seriously hurting because of the fears of litigation bumped their insurance and legal liability rates through the roof and they are struggling to get volunteers that want to go through the insane background check. I used to volunteer to play video games with the kids in the cancer ward. I don't now. They got a new volunteer coordinator and after a few conversations with her I no longer felt my personal safety and integrity were being protected. So fuck the kids with cancer, right?

Great. Now I sound like a fedora wearing neckbeard. And I used the time needed to prep for teaching two astronomy classes tonight for internet posting.

The best part is that all these people suffered to see fucking Blink 182.

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