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Just to call it out: There is no equivalency between Nazis and Antifa.

The Nazis want to remove rights for the majority of the population.

Antifa want to stop the Nazis from doing that.

There in an American tendency to polarize anything into two equal and opposing sides. This false equivalency has permeated almost every issue in America, and does a disservice to everyone by elevating marginal beliefs to "common" status, and diminishing established, fact-based positions to mere "theories".

Climate change is a great example. There is no debate. There is no question. It is better defined than gravity. And yet the tendency for Americans to give everyone an equal voice has led to climate change appearing to be a debate between equal players, when it is nothing of the sort.

Equating Nazis with Antifa is the same problem.

Nazis hate America, and the principles this country was founded upon, and want to remove rights that the Constitution grants their fellow Americans. Antifa wants them not to succeed in their efforts.

Replace "Antifa" with "ProCon" for "Pro Constitution", and Nazis with "Anti-Constitution", and you see the difficulty of drawing an equivalency between the two movements.

GOOD. In my mind if you wave the flag of people who slaughtered millions and waged war on the USA, you should have bad things happen to you. Free speech and all, sure. But Free Speech is not free from consequence. Waving a NAZI flag, a Confederate battle flag, a Soviet flag, an anarchist flag should have real world consequences.

And I say that as a guy who wants my racists loud and proud and out in the open. firstly, it reminds some of my weaker willed liberal friends that these people exist and there are still battles to fight. Secondly so that I know who these idiots are so I can not interact with them other than to mock them.

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