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The fucking anal cleanliness of all pop music production these days. The need to have a Ph.D. in "sound design" to gain entry to the world of music. The need for all music to be so fucking locked down, produced to death, carefully sculpted to the tiniest microbeat and fraction of a kiloherz. The crushing humourless stylishness of it all. It feels so stifling and unspontaneous.

That and Post fucking Malone.

Naw, not a nitpick. Not really. I caught it as well. One of the reasons that they storms exist on gas giants is that there are no continents to mess with the trade winds. The roughest parts of the earth's oceans, for example, are the Southern Ocean along the 70°S Parallel due to no landmasses to break up the winds. Storms like hurricanes, as you pointed out are fueled by warm tropical water. Once that is gone, the storm peters out. Land creates drag on the lower part of the atmospheric stack as well, slowing the winds down and removing energy from the storms.

One thing she did not mention is that Saturn and Jupiter are 80-85% hydrogen and 10-15% helium with only a tiny bit of "other" thrown in. That makes the winds a bit more viscous and capable of doing weird things at those temps.

She is definitely not a planetary scientist, I'll say that. Her deep space stuff, however, is fantastic.

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