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solxyz's comments

Ive taken quite a few different psychedelics and I like many of them, but I have to say, while there are certainly some commonalities, ayahuasca is special. I like to tell people that ayahuasca is like the opposite of alcohol. With ETOH, first its fun and enjoyable, and then you puke, then you feel like crap for a day or so. With Ayahuasca, first it's disturbing and uncomfortable, then you puke, then its glorious, beautiful beyond description, and you feel great for days.

It is quite common with psychedelics for the come-up period to be a little disorienting and uncomfortable. This aspect is dramatically increased with ayahuasca. Almost every time I start thinking that something has gone wrong, the batch was poisoned, and Im going to die. The mental aspects during this part of the trip are also quite distrubing. They do feel evil. You feel as if you are being invaded by some really creepy entities.

Puking is more or less avoidable if you extract the active ingredients from the plant matter. That is a lot of work, and some people think that puking is an integral part of the experience. These days I prefer extracted chemicals.

Then the sky clears, and it was all worth it. No other psychedelic offers visuals like this - when I saw it for the first time, I thought: "ah, this is what I always thought acid was suppposed to be like." But of course tripping is never really just about pretty stuff to look at. I often find that during this phase there is a tendency to confess one's life. Its almost like a truth serum.

And, as I said, you feel great for days. People tell you that you look younger. I dont know any other drug that does that.