I have been selected to become WRCU's technical director next semester! I'll start training in about a week.

Show's still going well. It's fun as hell, and I have a fairly respectable listenership. Thanks to everyone here who's caught it!

I'm considering switching my intended double-major from Theatre/German to Classics/German. Of course there's still roughly a year before I have to declare, so it doesn't make much of a difference right now.

I reinstalled Spotify and started a Premium subscription at their student rate. I intend to continue buying music, but I missed Spotify's UX. Time will tell whether I actually manage to keep buying albums at the same rate I was before-- although as a broke college student, that's not the highest bar.

I continue to be busy enough with academics and activities that I don't have time to have meaningful interactions on Hubski. I'm sorry if I've ignored your post or comment. I miss you all

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