I went ad hominem because the problem here has been you and the shitty way you acted.

Would you prefer me to blame Ohanian for you being a dick? Fine, I blame Ohanian for the fact that you feel compelled to act like a dick. It still doesn't change that you are being a dick.

Seriously, you came in, derailed a whole conversation that had nothing to do with you (that was fine with just about everyone else, even where there were disagreements) and out of pure ego decided to engage in some primal scream therapy about your ordeal (which had no bearing on the discussion) and proceeded to turn me (who has nothing to do with any of your psychodramas on Reddit) into your proxy for Ohanian, Russian script kiddies, and your 3rd grade gym teacher.

So: Uncle. You win. I bow to your clearly superior intellect and your ambitious plan to make this place just as shitty as Reddit but with NO DOX. May the priapism of your justice boner endure, and may it earn over 9,000 upboats like a boss from Hubski's off-brand bacon narwhal, kind gentlesir. I return to the quagmire of the world's unenlightened anti-intellectual untermenschen.

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