I am not a fan of this tag.

There is a fatalism to this tag, a resignation to the idea that this new era of insanity is now steady-state, rather than an a kink in an otherwise long arc toward justice. "this is our world now" is what people who have given up fighting say.

I went with #whiterabbit.

We are through the goddamn looking glass and the only animal in this administration is a MUTHERFUCKING WHITE RABBIT (well, and Steve Bannon who might be an orc). I recognize that things are batshit crazy right now, but we're all acknowledging that things are batshit crazy, and it appears that even the staunchest supporters of this travesty of a presidential term are looking for a soft landing.

Alice makes it back. She wakes up. The whole crazy thing is a dream.

I'm not in denial of this shit - I mean, as a fan of politics this shit is legit Must See TV - but i refuse to accept the normalization of it.

Fuck this tag.

on post: Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation
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