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Happy New Year Hubski!

Thanks for your outstanding dedication to making Hubski an amazing place. We are looking forward to another great year of thoughtful discussions between our existing users and new users - more meetups, more friendships, and more conversations.

Best Posts of 2013 | Full List

Pathway to the Global Brain (Part 1/5), theadvancedapes

Warren vs Plaza online communities, akkartik

Spengler's Ominous Prophecy, NotPhil

Can We Live Forever?, theadvancedapes

The Privatisation of Stress, NotPhil

The Man without a Country, flagamuffin

Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part 2, ButterflyEffect

Life after /b/, kleinbl00

Darwin Was Wrong About Dating, ButterflyEffect

The Internet is a Surveillance State, joelg236

24 Books You've Probably Never Heard Of But Will Change Your Life, kleinbl00

What Happened on the Flight from Dallas, insomniasexx

Cracking Voynich Code, ooli

The Smarter You Are, the Stupider You Are, insomniasexx

Why Our Future Depends on Libraries, Reading and Daydreaming, humanodon

Defining Place, veen

Reverse-Engineering a Genius, alpha0

Will the Real Lance Armstrong Please Stand Up?, lil

Best Discussions / Debates of 2013 | Full List

This long and pragmatic debate between NotPhil and wasoxygen

The Dualist Program, Part 1: A Historical Primer, between b_b and Saouka

Goalsetting: The Dark Side, lil

I'm Not An Atheist, theadvancedapes

What Will It Take For Us To Dream Again?, BLOB_CASTLE

Our mentality hasn't yet adapted to a rapidly changing world, Seneca

On abstaining from the vote

On women in combat

New Users, Old users and the better angels of our nature

How do you generate ideas and how do you keep track them?

What are you doing with your life, why, and how do you feel about it?

No, you're not entitled to your opinion, NikolaiFyodorov

Best Comments / Text Based Posts of 2013 | Full List

Classical music Owl thinks you should check out - FRENCH EDITION!, Owl

Public Art, littlebirdie

The Last Crumb, a poem on infinite series, mike

Myth Aborning, a letter from a deceased friend, thenewgreen

The year I started a cult, kleinbl00

He's So Who, littlebirdie

Pictures of my vacation, JakobVirgil

On the term hipsters, cgod

Perpetual Stardust - For my husband who died a few weeks ago, andralisa

The Democratization of Architecture:, sounds_sound

Blink, onehunna

Hands On with Google Glass in Detroit, ecib

Kleinbl00's Red Pill Reading List:, kleinbl00