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Put away your phones and computers and go explore. Have lots of romance. Make friends with locals and other travellers.


Ride bikes.


Find a live band, tell them it's your honeymoon and ask if you can sit in and play your wife's favourite song.

Introduce each other as "my wife" or "my husband," whenever possible. After this honeymoon that gets less "new" feeling.

Drink lots of wine. Get good bottles. Drink champagne too. This stuff is way more expensive once imported to US.

Spend time in a very nice hotel with a comfortable bed and some champagne. -use your imagination from here.

Go swimming

Ask people about their favourite bands etc. and see lots of local music.

Dumpster dive. -just to say you did.

Definitely get off of Hubski/Internet.

Report back.

Congratulations my friend!! Knowing you, I have no doubt You will have an awesome marriage.