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kleinbl00  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: PSA: Welcome to Hubski, Redditors.

kleinbl00's Top 10 Travel Tips for Redditors Abroad

1) There is no default content. You must build your own feed. As pointed out by usuallymatt, you are following only #newtohubski initially. This can be changed in your settings. I wholeheartedly recommend viewing "badges" and finding topics and users that interest you.

2) Your user experience is highly customizable. Your front page is not my front page is not my style is not your style. Click on your username (upper left) and mess about.

3) Tags are not subreddits. A post can be a part of three different tags, while subreddits are exclusive (but prone to duplication/crossposting - crossposting is not a thing on Hubski). Further, tags have no moderators. Further, nothing has moderators.

4) Because your user experience is likely to be more heavily driven by the people you interact with than the subjects you interact with, it's a really good idea to be civil. The people you are rude to will be rude to you next week and you'll find that nobody wants to chat with you.

5) There is no banning, shadow- or otherwise. Act obnoxiously enough and people will slowly start ignoring you and muting you. In other words, the bigger dick you are, the fewer opportunities will be granted to you to be a dick. Fortunately this takes a while and most of us are forgiving (and muting and ignoring are 100% reversible).

6) LURK MOAR. Seriously. This is a phrase that has largely been forgotten by everyone who grew up after AOL but there's a lot to be learned from simply observing for a while. If you just can't restrain yourself, that's okay, too - all of us have the option to "filter" your posts and comments for the first 48 hours of your account's existence. Don't take this personally. We just find that we can participate on Hubski in subjects other than Reddit when we give you guys a little space. And that's really what we're doing - giving you space.

7) The markup is weird. "markup tips" in the upper right of any comment box will explain what's weird about it, but not why. The "why" is because this is a hobby project, not a silicon valley social media giant valued at a half billion dollars.

8) Clicking on a username will tell you a lot more about a user on Hubski than on Reddit. Click on your own name, for example, and notice that you can actually fill out a bio. You don't have to, but it does underline the point that Hubski's is not a throwaway culture.

9) There are no downvotes and "sharing" is NOT the same thing as upvoting. When you click the dot, it means "I want my friends to see this" not "I approve."

10) Bad URLs will give you Zork references. Fuck yeah, Zork.

Enjoy your stay.

Quatrarius  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: PSA: Welcome to Hubski, Redditors.

A significant percentage of people here identify as feminists or, ynno, are female. Or Black, or LGBT, or whatever. Hubski is a place generally free from Men's rights activists or Gamergaters or Stormfront brigades or much of the rest. It's a popular opinion here that organizations devoted to being "anti-SJW" end up as vectors of hate. Isn't it funny how you're using "social justice" as an insult, a term that represents equality between genders, sexualities, and races?

Free speech is the right to say what you want, not the right to be free from criticism. More to the point, it's the right to say what you want and not being censored by the government, not private individuals or websites. Calling "free speech!" as a defence is saying that the good thing about your argument is that it's technically not illegal to express. That argument is mocked because it doesn't make sense.

All that doesn't mean you can't stay. But you shouldn't expect a MRA circlejerk, and you shouldn't expect to be able to pass without a good argument.