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I have no idea were to start. 2 years is a long time when you are 20.

But eh, yesterday I openly challenged the unofficial leader of the local county wing of my party. Well, my previous party. I did say that I would leave if the members approved the suggestion that he get a mandate to completely on his own negotiate with the other parties.

6-4 was the result. And that isn't bad for a first try. It was very clear it was him or me, and that it was almost even is something I am very proud of. I argued my position for one and a half hour. With no support.

I didn't win. But I did try.

And I was extremely cool.

Doing this kind of thing is literally a childhood dream of mine.

And the local wing of the party that is next most ideologically similar to mine has accepted me with open arms. Especially as I say that I am a very ideological person.

So doing something even cooler than I thought possible at 14 is a very, very nice feeling.

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So I've been in the mind section of the hospotal for a littel bit more than two weeks now. It feel like time i here is standing still while everyone else is moving on.

I have never wanted to stop time so much like I want now. Or fastforward.

But I can't. So instead I'm receiving a foster family and only God knows when.

And... I know I'll look back on this thinging it was har tiny Ronja, but you did it

But it is just SO HARD.

I'm cyclothymic, and some of the things Amy says sounds things I'd say when Hypomanic. So I kind of don't like it because it feels like it is fetishistic destructive behaviors I could see myself partake in.

(I have seen a therapist about it, she thought I was bipolar until she realized that my weird going from being extremely happy to extremely apathetic doesn't affect my life negatively.)

Although I'm so socially awkward that the worst I get is just staying up all night and thinking which is hardly healthy ( I haven't slept more than a couple of hours here and there that feel more like blacking out) but it's manageable.

Okay, that kind of turned into over sharing but whatever.

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I like my men like I like my pet diapers, full of shit and wrapped around old bitches.