okay. we'll die of frustration and ennui, trapped like all the other dicks in this fuckhead city of ours, unable to bear even the slightest movement towards freedom lest the hooks and snares dig deeper. you'll succumb to the apologism of booze and i'll discover the brief, brilliant liberty of a firearm

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if I want to check on them, I can log out and see everything, or perhaps visit their profile specifically.

hubski shouldn't try to facilitate amnesty on behalf of someone whose presence is clearly not wanted.

as it stands, hubski even allows blocked people to send PMs, which is absurd

when people use the word "authorized" in the context of computer systems, especially lawyers, they're not talking about the possibility of reprimand from your boss, they're talking about the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which has been interpreted by courts to mean that you need explicit permission granted by the owner of a computer even to access data served unsecured on the open internet.

and no, 200 OK doesn't count as explicit permission. it doesn't matter who you are or who you work for or what set of entirely legitimate keys you may have, explicit authorization outside the system always applies if you don't want to catch a felony.