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Hey there, I suppose I have to respond in some kind.

First off, I actually came to ohio with a pretty positive attitude about getting a chance at a fresh start, and it only became negative after the fact. I gave no indication in that post or any of the comments in it that it was other wise, so I'm not sure where you draw that conclusion?

I know you might find this infuriating, but I straight up hate the midwest. I am very much a person who likes and belongs on the coasts. I like cities, and dirty places, not knowing my neighbors, dive bars, broken things, and weird obstacles to overcome. I don't like knowing everyone in my community. I don't hate people who like that, but I will never understand their enjoyment of what I think is an incredibly tedious lifestyle.

You can like it all you want, but I've seen nothing to convince me to change my mind. Skyline Chili actually blows. Cincinnati especially is such a poorly managed city that rows of shops are just straight up empty. There's shitty parking and no foot traffic, the amount of crime by the college campus is crazy high, and while the people are polite, they aren't friendly in the slightest and the roads are the hottest garbage.

We could sit down and have a thoughtful conversation about the state of cincinnati especially if you want, but to do that you're going to have to get over the fact that thoughtfulness does not mean that we are going to agree or even be polite about it. I'm incredibly candid with my opinions, and I'm not going to dress up what is becoming progressively worse criticism in niceties because it does not fit your ideal image of this website.

Also you can't expect a post under usatoday to gain much tranction, since before your post, usatoday was last used 307 days ago.

I'd be worried, but my personality is so intolerable to most people that if you don't actually like me, you find me so terrible there's no way you could possibly spend more time with me then you have too.

Plus, I have too much of a soft spot for jersey girls.