I was the kid who did stupid things every single day and thus has thousands of stories. A couple of my teachers loved me and the rest hated me. Never made it to Florida, but at least I stayed out of North Dakota...

EDIT: Just remembered -- I'll never forget my senior year government final. At my school stellar attendance to class could excuse seniors from the final. Thus, in a sort of Spicoli moment, I literally took the gov final in a room by myself. Only senior not to qualify via attendance to class. So I sat with the teacher watching me -- odd feeling, really -- and bounced through this pointless multiple choice test on things I'd learned from my parents in elementary school. I was almost certainly high out of my skull. At the end I turned in the "scantron" to Mrs. whatever and she graded it while I was standing there for convenience. I got an 87, which I will never forget, because Mrs. government teacher looked down at my grade, looked up at me, shook her head, and said, "Effortlessly mediocre, Walter. Good luck." And I said, sincerely, "Thank you!" and left high school forever.

Since then that's been a motto of sorts. I see nothing wrong with being effortlessly mediocre; often the world doesn't deserve effort.

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