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Foveaux  ·  211 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 10, 2023

That does make me feel better about my ~1000 hours into Battlefield V. There was a moment where my teammates and myself were recognized in a lobby and I went from "Heh nice" to "Ah fuck" in about three seconds, as I realized it meant we were the basement dwelling sweatlords.

I probably took all my shame out on this poor dude just trying to take the point - https://streamable.com/ijmh91 switch to sidearm for max flex, slide-by, one shot, sorry m8 I'm feeling antsy and you happened to be nearby.

Destiny though - you've reminded me of something. Last year, at work, I was a part of making a video documenting the work that goes on in our area. It was a fun side project my boss cooked up. Anyway, the guy brought in to do the video work had a nice jacket on. A jacket with a symbol that looked familiar. The Destiny raid symbol. Turns out he was in a clan that completed a global first raid and got the jacket as a prize (I suspect still cost a pretty penny), and I was keen to talk briefly about Destiny cause I casually enjoyed it. I said "I've finished one raid, with the baths? and the race? That was cool" and you could see the sneer barely hidden from his face.

Oh. Oh that's the real Destiny player. Not me popping in once or twice a year to shoot stuff. The guys that breathe it. The guys that have the right weapon for every stage of a raid. Not me, who uses Riskrunner cause I like it and the idea of taking damage to deal more damage tickles me pink.