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kleinbl00  ·  233 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Wall of Drones

Yeah the mechanics on that one are tricky. "Whatever, man, I'm a citizen. Come check my driver's license." "Hold it closer." "I am holding it closer." "No hold it closer!" "No dude your whirring blender is freaking me out!" "HOLD IT CLOSER!" "Fuckin' fine, man!" "That's not a driver's license, that's an Amazon gift card!" "My license is in my other pants..." "REMAIN EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE OR I WILL TASE YOU!" (smiles) "sure thing, bubba, come on over here."

Rough guess? Thing can reliably go about 4 miles from its base station. Prolly less 'cuz DJIs generally don't sport Tasers but we'll guess 4 miles. It's got half an hour of endurance - assume it knows exactly where you are and rips right out at you at full speed. It can hover there for 27 minutes before it drops out of the sky.

I don't know if you've driven across bare-ass desert before but 20mph is rough. If you get the fuck on it you might be able to close a 10 mile gap before your stupid drone exhausts its batteries and plummets out of the sky (at which point any sensible migrant will keep/destroy it). Which means in a perfect world, these stupid little things extend your range by like, ten miles.

But I mean, we're dunking on an 18 year old. The pathetic thing is this is who Peter Thiel is paying these days.