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nil  ·  71 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: What the fuck happened to Boise, Idaho?

    The kid, probably early 20's, is dressed like a trust fund baby (expensive looking loudly colored jacket, hat on sideways, jewelry, shoes not boots for the snow on the ground) there to get a sports car fixed. I know this because he dropped the name of the car loudly several times

That kid sounds like he's in debt up to his arse... I've seen that personality type around and they don't seem to be very good at hiding it. They also tend to be very stupid. He might have rich parents or he might be on track to die at 29 from particle inhalation.

Never been to Idaho, but I knew a kid that went to the local BYU Chapter in Rexburg. Drug addiction, running away to Idaho to try and escape things, coming out of it pushing Amway and MLM scams. It sounds like a rough place. Usually money flowing in makes things better, increases diversity, drives out racists. Capitalism is searching for us all. I nearly lost my mind when I saw people who weren't white in cottage country. When did this happen?

I couldn't be a cop either. Working security once was enough to make me hate people. If you are a sensitive, empathetic person whose philosophy is live and let live, you won't succeed. Unless you can somehow train yourself to have utter contempt for the lower class, and even then, you're just hurting yourself.

Change in a place like that is good, in my view, even if it's douchey techbros who think they're Albert Einstein because they passed community college. Because money goes into building infrastructure, supporting arts, etc. The last thing anyone wants is for things to stay the same. One of my most vivid memories when I was growing up (me and my rock star friend had hit a "lick" in the small town when we were like 16) and standing in the town square of that place made you feel like time had stopped. That's one of the creepiest things I've ever experienced and I think part of me got sucked into eternity that day.

I'll take Wal-Mart and the most depressing corporate rearrangements of the landscape over that any day.