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Cumol  ·  66 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: How the tantra festival in Molkom became a hotbed for COVID

|the British tantra guru Shaft Uddin

I know him. What a small world. I camped with him at MidBurn 2014. I was surprised to read his name here. But I am also not really surprised. There are even vice documentaries about the guy.

Anyway, I think this piece shows a specific problem in the current alternative scene (and all of its variations). There is a lot of science denial and anti-vaxxing. It is the same in Israel, where a whole hippie town does not want to get vaccinated.

I dont know exactly why there is this enrichment in this scene. I lost some friends to conspiracy theories and I attribute heavy use of cannabis and psychedelics for a long period of time during lockdown. Some people simply react negatively to being told what to do or freedom restriction. Specially if the majority of your energy recharging comes from going to festivals in all their forms. So it doesnt matter what the scientific basis is, it is not good because they cant do what they want to do.

Either way. 100/500 people getting infected is quite high. In my opinion such events shouldnt be held without vaccination or testing restrictions. At Kiezburn this year we had to come with a negative test and were tested every morning to make sure this exact thing didnt happen.