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b_b  ·  120 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Cheese

Ah, got it. This song actually has 9 tracks, because I recorded each of the 3 sections separately and each has two guitars and a bass. I'm using Studio One. Not sure if that's optimal for the rudimentary stuff I do, but it's better than Audacity, which is what I was using before. To call me a recording novice would be an overstatement, but I appreciate the musical compliment. Anytime you want to collaborate on something, I'm game. Haven't played with any other musicians since about 2005, so I'm rusty af, but at least on recording you get as many takes as you want. (Last time I did any recording was on ADAT, so actually it was like, "We don't have any money, so don't fuck this up!")

I don't have a mic'd kit...I only have two mics, so it wouldn't sound good anyway, but it would sound better than not having drums. I'm a serviceable drummer and not much more. Not gonna wow anyone with fills and polyrhythms, but I can keep a backbeat in an inoffensive way.