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mk  ·  198 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Yearly Hubski Check In.

I am still here, of course.

I have been working from home. Tonight I have a web presentation to 100 doctors. We drove to Florida last week and spent it with my mom, her husband, and my brother's family. My wife and I have our second vaccination this week, the other adults had both. We didn't go out, except masked to grocery shop. Florida is ridiculous. About 70% of the people don't wear masks indoors.

I am working on a painting for a cousin who made me a frame. He wants a fantasy landscape. This is where I am at:

Things are really pretty good. But, I feel that life is fragile. A friend of mine died last week in an accident. He was young, and left a wife and three children.

I like that we have a president that doesn't complain all the time. It feels good to focus less on politics. I want to move to the countryside, but my wife likes the small city life we have.

I painted/added a funny driver figure to the rc car I built.

Still working on Hubski image hosting.