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Some notes:

1) It's worth noting that "Scratch distillery" makes their ethanol from flour. From a couple counties over. On site. Partly this is because they are completists. Partly this is because WA state liquor laws are very kind to small batch distillers that use 51% local ingredients. The smiling lady in the photo? She made your booze.

2) I suspect johan and mike have forgotten more about akvavit than I'll ever know but your best move is to throw that sucker in the freezer. It pairs quite nicely with smoked salmon, capers, dill, rondele and crackers. I wouldn't say it's "some fancy Nordic thing" I would say it's the Scandinavians figuring out that neutral spirits are boring. Scandanavia? Caraway. England/Holland? Juniper berries. Italy? Anise (and sugar - so much sugar). Russia? Drinkyerselfblind. It may not be your thing - you'll never convince me Campari is a good idea no matter what you mix it with. I'd say pass it along to someone who will love it but unless there's a healthy Scandinavian community around you, you won't find that person. Me? I'd been forced to eat lutefisk within two years of moving out of New Mexico.

3) Seahawk reciprocated nicely with a box that is currently under the tree because of course it is.

4) Christophe Claret is a joke and is in the box because it fit. And now, for no reason, the exact moment that fidget spinners became uncool, 5:45PM GMT Nov 20 2017: