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kleinbl00  ·  246 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: We Can Solve the Coronavirus-Test Mess Now—If We Want To

    Any other experiences out there?

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukin' LOLLERSKATES

    We could have the testing capacity we need within weeks. The reason we don’t is not simply that our national leadership is unfit but also that our health-care system is dysfunctional.

"We could all be supermodels. The reason we aren't is not simply that we aren't Olympian gods but also that nobody wants to pay us $30k a day to smize."

    In the United States, getting a test is anything but easy. Take a look at the Texas public directory of COVID-19 testing sites, which features a bold, red-highlighted disclaimer: “ATTENTION: Unless otherwise stated, deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance may apply. May require physician referral or prior authorization. Please call site to confirm.”

Yeah so it took two hours on hold in order to determine that my PCP of record needed to approve a test in order for my insurance to pay for it... after Fauci mandated that insurance had to pay for it. It then took another two hours on hold in order to be told that my PCP of record wouldn't approve a test unless I was in respiratory collapse in an ambulance or emergency room. It took another two calls to determine that the out-of-pocket cost for a Quest COVID test was $15,000. All this, by the way, while we HAD COVID TESTS. I could have headed down to my wife's place, gotten swabbed, and gotten an answer within 48 hours. For fifteen thousand dollars.

Want another one? one of our midwives was at a party with family. Shouldn't have been, but there it is. Her father-in-law went to the hospital with COVID, stayed there a few days. She couldn't get a test, healthcare worker be damned.

Hey how 'bout another one. Hollywood requires constant testing in order to work. But in order to show up to get tested in Hollywood, you have to have a negative test. Which means you need to go out and get a test... in order to get a test. All of Los Angeles was at a 10-day wait, although there were Facebook groups suggesting that if you were willing to drive two hours north of Mojave you could get one in two days. So. To get tested in order to get tested you needed to know five days in advance and be willing to spend eight hours on the road. Got a 9am appointment to get tested? Start driving at 3am. Get tested. Go home. Wait two days. get a clean result. Show up at the gate. Get tested. Wait two days. Oh, wait. Nope, because now everyone is testing so we're at a 10-day wait which means the people who were supposed to show up Monday can't show up until next Monday. So now they can get on set with week-old results. It was revealed to me that in order to come to Los Angeles in order to work from out-of-state, I would need a clean COVID test in WA and two clean COVID tests in LA before I could show up to get tested.

Hey how 'bout another one. Friend's daughter went to a party because of course she did she's eighteen and doesn't get to go to college this year. And everything was fine except that one guy who has been in Louisiana oopsie he popped a positive test. So we're a part of contact tracing except it's informal and in order to be okay with things a family of four had to drive three hours, wait in line four hours, get tested, wait four days and get results. Because without a three hour drive, you are looking at a three day wait.

    Congress has mandated that insurers fully cover the costs both of testing and of the medical-office visit that produces the test order.

Congress could mandate a fuckin' pony, insurance don't care. We're still fighting invoices from 2018. This is not abnormal.

    And we have not even reached the fall, when flu season will hit and coronavirus-testing needs and demand are expected to rise substantially.

I fuckin' love all the hand-wringing about the flu. Fuckin' COVID has the exact same infection pathways as the flu and it's hella meaner. If we're preventing COVID, flu is going to be a nothingburger. Yes, I got my fucking shot. Fuck off.

    Further complicating matters, insurers don’t pay for testing that they don’t consider medically necessary.

Fuckin' five emails across four days to get approved for A $70 ANTIBODY TEST

    How often the testing must be repeated varies from once a day to once a week, depending on the baseline prevalence of infections in the group, among other factors.

If I were on set right now I would be tested once a week. It would cost my company $250 per test. I'm not, so there's only 199 people getting tested. As an employer, these protocols would cost me $8k/mo for my staff of eight. Let's include the cleaning crew and we're at $10k. And if anyone pops positive, we're fucking dead in the water. Nobody works for two weeks. I'd be paying $2k a week for the opportunity to deny myself $20k a week in revenue so that kids couldn't get vaccinated and pregnant moms would have to shift their care to hospitals that don't want them because COVID.

    We could have the testing capacity we need within weeks. The reason we don’t is not simply that our national leadership is unfit but also that our health-care system is dysfunctional.

"We could farm the moon. The reason we don't is not simply that we have no functional space program but also that there's no air or water."

I'm getting so fucking sick of these fucking articles. "We could solve the problem if only someone could solve this problem." Hey Atul - we could deploy the national guard and the defense production act to mandate a national test-and-trace program using the full budget of the defense department to appropriate and nationalize all testing capacity and it would still take six months of Republicans screaming communism before we got anything under control. It's like saying "the first step is to stop digging" when you're at the bottom of the goddamn Grand Canyon.

You're not wrong? But you're also not helping.