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kleinbl00  ·  374 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: BUTTER EMAILS

That particular subset of ultraliberals hates convention at any cost. Unless it's their guy. I know exactly the type of person you're talking about - they'd rather see the order knocked over than see business as usual continue. That's because "the order" is abstract to them; they live in a place Teddy Roosevelt referred to as "the Socialist Republic of Washington" and where electronic warfare bases and IWW communes share grocery stores.

Politics is a game to so many people and they'll root for the Raiders before they'll root for the Clintons. If the whole world is upset, well, can it really be all bad? I mean, after all, Trump struck down the Trans Pacific Partnership and is fighting for "freedom of speech" at universities!

I've said, effectively, "hold your nose and vote for Clinton" to so many people. And so many people have said, effectively, "I refuse to hold my nose." And if you're a white liberal landlord in North Seattle you can afford to stand on your principles.