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user-inactivated  ·  2053 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: $15/hr at Amazon

From the perspective of someone doing a similar job as the ones we are talking about here( that got the wage increase):

We've got attendance bonuses at my gig. We've* got them because the wages were so low, nobody was showing up to staff the building. I'd be thrilled if they went away in favor of higher wages. Warehousing is dangerous. With attendance bonuses, if you get hurt on the job, and have to miss a day then you're not simply out that day's wages. You're out a day's wages plus $125 for the week. The end effect is as if your pay rate for the days already worked were retroactively reduced. That's quite the incentive not to report injuries or to work through an illness.

We don't have production bonuses at my shop, and I'm not sorry about it. "Productivity bonuses" sound nice, until you realize that we're talking manual labor with little chances for optimization through creativity. It is effectively paying piece work. If you're the sort of person dependent on maximizing their pay this way, I wouldn't look to favorably on your odds to hack it long enough to qualify for that restricted stock unit program. Joints break down. Injuries add up.


* When I say "we", I mean newer employees. Turns out selectively offering attendance bonuses is easier to slip in to a workforce than selectively offering higher base pay. It is also turning out to be harder to get paychecks corrected if the bonus is missing on it that week.