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Speaking as an American, as someone who's worked in the Front of House for years, and as someone who loves dining out, I am hyper aware of service. I actually need to work on tamping it down because I am often too deferential and worried about the servers rather than enjoying myself with my friends. Like if we haven't ordered yet and the server keeps coming by, I feel obligated to stop our conversations and focus on ordering. If we've finished and paid but are still hanging out, I feel harried and want to leave and free up the table. And I'm a patsy when it comes to tipping: It's always 20% and if it was horrible service, it'll be 15%.

That said, I think he/Every European Visiting America Ever is right that tipping is a weird outgrowth of whatever initial conditions in the States facilitated its development and because the rule is unstated and menu prices don't include taxes, prices don't make sense. It's refreshing being in another country and seeing the end-all-be-all price on a menu.

Because it'll never change, let alone by Internet comments, I don't really give a shit about it.

Since he doesn't really balance the article with lots of positive things about the US, it comes off as a big shit on Americans. But I actually appreciate some of the points, especially regarding sensitivity and political correctness.