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kleinbl00  ·  208 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 29, 2018

25 days to go.

I started the summer with a 38-book backlog in my Audible. I've added 8 books to that since. There are 8 books unread in my library now, 7 if you exclude the one I'm reading.

About 1am tonight I'm going to cross 9,000 miles on that bike. A friend asked me if I'd ever weighed it, gack and all so I got on the scale with it. Everything off the bike that doesn't require a wrench? 30.1 lbs. Ready to go to work? 50.1 lbs. I mentioned that I needed new brake pads. "Well yeah," he said. Your bike weighs fifty fuckin pounds."

I'm starting to realize that I'm... dense. Said friend is an inch taller than me, has a pot belly and weighs 185. My stomach is flat and in shorts and a t-shirt I outweigh him by 50 lbs. I'm starting to be okay with it because my daughter is also dense. She's far, far heavier than you'd expect but she's certainly not fat. Perhaps this is me making peace with it. Realizing that my rig weighs three times what the weenies who blitz by me without waving are riding is also good for my self-esteem.

Soon there will come soft rains. The air will be brisk, the coffee will be fresh and I will sleep in my own bed. My days will be filled with CAD and cutting fluid and things that tick.