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francopoli  ·  141 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: August 29, 2018

Since there is nowhere else to really ask my question...

For some 20+ years I have worn timberland shoes. Why? It is hard as hell to find a decent, comfortable, presentable shoe that fits my size 14 wide feet. This one to be exact I used to swear by Redwing, but they stopped offering the good stuff in my size. I need a tall boot (6") to protect my weak ass ankles made of glass, but still kinda look like a work shoe. I'd go to Oxford style but I roll my useless ankles just by looking at them it seems.

The last two pairs? I think they changed the manufacturing and lowered the quality settings. I buy two pairs of shoes and alternate them day to day. This lets the boot air out, and the shoes last longer. I also have a backup in the event that I need to use one pair for grunt work and one pair for meetings and looking pretty. Using this system a set of boots will normally last 2-3 years. The last two, however, fucking hell. The eyelets are falling apart already, only nine months in. The soles are compressing. The tongues on all four shoes are showing signs of excess wear. The soles on two shoes (one left and one right else I would think it was me) are starting to pull loose. I've worn through the heel one one pair and the ball of my foot on the other. And they fit tighter than a normal 14W. Otherwise they look the same as the old pairs, the best of those I use in the yard.

I want to go back to Redwing, but the boot styles I like are no longer made in size 14. This is my problem. Also, $600 for two pairs of shoes is tough to suck up all at once.

Any guys out there with giant clodhoppers? Where do you get shoes? Any suggestions?